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Compensation Law

If you’ve been injured at work, on the road or because of no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. Whatever your situation, our Queensland lawyers provide legal services to assist with compensation matters in Queensland. 

No win, no fee compensation law services

A personal injury can have a devastating impact on your current and future financial prospects, let alone the emotional turmoil and upheaval for your family. We think that paying legal fees should not prevent you from seeking compensation. People with valid claims should be able to access the legal system. That’s why we offer No Win, No Fee legal services.

This means that if your case is successfull, you will receive compensation and we are paid for the legal work we have done on your behalf. However, if your case is not successful and you do not receive compensation, then you will not pay any of our legal fees or disbursements. Please note that we will only enter into a No Win, No Fee arrangement after we have reviewed your claim (on a complimentary basis) at the outset.

Compensation law services provided by Swanwick Murray Roche Lawyers

We provide compensation law services in the following areas:

Swanwick Murray Roche is a Queensland compensation and personal injury claim law firm.

Information about how we can give you access to the legal system for compensation claims

Our process is this:

Step 1: Get in touch – tell us what happened, we are here to listen

Step 2: Free first consultation – our first consultation is free, we will organise to sit down with you anywhere in Australia and listen to your story and take down all the particulars we need to give you initial advice.

Step 3: Information – we gather up information and help you prepare the necessary materials that will assist in helping you show your claim in the legal system.

Step 4: Negotiation – We will manage all discussions with the insurer on your behalf to get you the best result possible.

Step 5: Settlement – We will process your payment as soon as we receive it.


Check out some of our recent legal updates and resources that you might find useful on this Compensation Resources link. Please remember that these updates and resources are general guidance only. If you need legal advice, you should contact us to discuss your matter as your personal circumstances may not suit the circumstances described in the updates and resources.


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