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What We Do

Property law is a cornerstone practice area for our firm. Since 1892 we have advised local, national and global clients on all manner of property transactions from first home purchases to complex state leasing and mining tenure issues. Contact us to discuss your matter or review some of the more common property matters we encounter:

Why Are We Different?

Our clients appreciate that we provide practical and simple advice. We do not overcomplicate our explanations or use legalese. It is a point of pride for our practice that we can explain the most complex legal issues in simple terms. When you are engaged in any property transaction, you want to understand what is going on – not hope that things are okay. We will guide you with decisive and straightforward advice.

We understand that the legal market is competitive. However, we use cutting edge legal technology to move our transactions along as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our prices are reasonable and we provide efficient services. Additionally, we add value to you wherever we see that it will help you. This can include things like putting structures or agreements in place to protect your interests (i.e. protecting your money/investment), providing legal updates to you to give you confidence and best practice approaches in property negotiations and business dealings.

Above all, we understand that a property transaction is not just a legal contract. A good lawyer understands the market movements, the value of money in a transaction, the risks attached to a transaction and the unique challenges of the particular transaction. We see the whole transaction and the market context in which it sits. Our advice is seated in giving you grounded real-world advice designed to produce realistic results.


Check out some of our recent legal updates and property resources that you might find useful on this Property Law Resources link. Please remember that these updates and resources are general guidance only. If you need legal advice, you should contact us to discuss your matter as your personal circumstances may not suit the circumstances described in the updates and resources.


To talk about your matter – reach out to us via any means to start a conversation. All of our contact information is listed here on our Contact Page.

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