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About to sign that contract? Why should I get legal advice before signing? As a purchaser, why can’t I just rely on the cooling off period?

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, it is recommended that you have any proposed contract for sale review by your solicitor, prior to signing it. Once a contract is signed, you must carry out the obligations imposed on you under the contract. It can be difficult, potentially costly and cause unnecessary delay to get out of or negotiate changes to a contract once it is signed. Read this information sheet to find out more.

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Buying with someone else? Joint tenants or tenants-in-common? What does that mean?

If you are buying real estate with someone else, you will need to decide how your rights in the property are shared. We will ask for your instructions about this when acting for you to buy property. Read this information sheet to find out more about your options and what they mean.

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