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Need a leasing lawyer in Queensland?

What we can do for you – generally

Our commercial leasing lawyers can assist with:

  • negotiating, reviewing or drafting a lease agreement, agreement for lease or heads of agreement;
  • drafting and setting up standard leases for large commercial enterprises;
  • preparing special clauses to deal with particular issues;
  • reviewing particular key terms of leases for advice including outgoings payment requirements, fit-out requirements, options and rent review clauses;
  • assigning, renewing, subleasing or terminating a lease;
  • resolving a breach of a lease with a landlord, tenant, lessor or lessee.

What we can do for you – retail leasing

Our retail leasing solicitors can also assist with:

  • preparation of disclosure statements;
  • compliance with retail shop lease requirements;
  • auditing and outgoings statements requirements.

We have assisted tenants to enter big corporate shopping centres (such as Stockland) right down to small retail tenancies.

We have assisted landlords to manage large corporate shopping centres and smaller boutique centres and shops.

What we can do for you – state land leasing

Our state land leasing lawyers can assist with:

  • understanding the Department of State Land Asset Management’s (SLAM) requirements;
  • submitting and obtaining Ministerial Consent where required;
  • drafting compliant subleases and trustee leases;
  • putting the leases in appropriate registrable form.

We have assisted tenants to lease state land or be registered as trustees of state land (attracting different requirements) for various purposes including:

  • commercial shopping centres;
  • airports;
  • sporting associations;
  • grazing farmland;
  • universities;
  • mines;
  • salt fields;
  • so on.

What sets us apart

Leasing services are one of our core businesses. Clever, competent legal advice is a given.

We scope every matter out and determine what you need from us. We work with you to set an appropriate budget for the matter. Most matters are fairly easy to establish an accurate budget.

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