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Property Development Lawyers Queensland

Swanwick Murray Roche is an experienced property development law firm based in Rockhampton, Queensland. We provide legal services to property developers who are seeking legal services for their upcoming subdivisions, unit complexes, commercial developments and other property development projects.

We provide our services based on what you want and need. Experienced developers will require far less support than first time property developers.

Our services include:

  • Off the plan contracts
  • Development agreements and joint venture agreements
  • Agreements for lease & lease
  • Titling advice
  • Put and call option agreements
  • Real estate agency appointments
  • Caretaking and letting agreements
  • Community management statements and building management statements
  • Electronic issuing and signing of contract documents
  • Finance certification
  • Legal compliance advice

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Why Swanwick Murray Roche?

A property developer should expect and receive experienced, competent legal advice for every job. That’s a given.

Our point of difference is that we understand that every development has a tight budget. You want good advice but you don’t want to blow your budget getting it. That’s why we work hard at the start of the matter to scope out what you reasonably need from us, the time frames you need it delivered in and we then fix a budget to suit your needs.

Some lawyers offer lower prices based on a scope of works that will simply not suit you. When the job commences, you ultimately end up paying far more as more and more services are required to be added on through the project.

Our goal is to establish everything you need upfront and come up with a realistic price for the work.

We are here to deliver a quality product, within the required time frame and within the established budget.

Our Team

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Robert Rooney


Property Business & Succession

Sarah Cole

Senior Solicitor

Commercial, Property and Succession Solicitor

Damien Martin

Senior Associate

Commercial, Property & Succession Law