Our lawyers and solicitors in Rockhampton have a wealth of experience in motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, public liability and total permanent disability claims

Corporate & Commercial

We advise on and undertake a comprehensive range of business transactions, including large mining companies and landholders and franchises


Using our experience in the real estate sector to help you better understand your rights and responsibilities

Family Law

We advise on family law and will guide you through the experience with expertise and compassion

Wills & Estates

Giving you confidence at the planning and administration of your personal affairs and receiving your entitlements as a beneficiary


David Lipke

David Lipke is a partner of our Rockhampton firm overseeing the litigation and insurance division in the firm. His experience includes work in institutional claims, workers compensation and motor accident claims.

Terry Tummon

Terry Tummon is a partner of the firm overseeing the family law division. Terry’s experience includes dealing with property settlement and litigation matters.

Robert Rooney

Robert Rooney is the Property Business & Succession Partner of the firm. Robert’s experience includes commercial transaction & advisory work, succession and estate work.

Katina Perren

Katina Perren is a solicitor of the firm, Independent Children’s Lawyer and Separate Representative. Her experience includes work in custody, separation, divorce and property settlement matters.

Nicola Goodwin

Nicola Goodwin is a solicitor of Swanwick Murray Roche practicing in family law, divorce and separation matters, parenting disputes and court applications for family matters.

Damien Martin

Damien Martin is a lawyer of the firm practising in property law matters, business law matters, and estate litigation matters. His experience includes retail shop lease matters, succession planning matters and employment law disputes.


Swanwick Murray Roche is an integral part of the legal fabric of Central Queensland having operated in the region for over 120 years.

The continuity of the firm name symbolises our historical connection with the development of Central Queensland, our support for its people and communities in the Rockhampton region, as well as our commitment to the ongoing success of our clients in our chosen service areas of insurance, agricultural, commercial, mining and personal services.

Our Purpose & Values

At Swanwick Murray Roche, our driving purpose is to help you – to provide you with results-focused and cost-effective advice in a timely manner

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Why we are Different

Our goal is to be results-focused & efficient, genuine & down to earth, good at explaining complex issues and transparent about costs & timeframes

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Our History

Swanwick Murray Roche was founded in 1892 when a young solicitor, Fredrick Howard Swanwick, moved from Brisbane to Rockhampton

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