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Education Industry Legal Services

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We are a leading provider of legal services to the Queensland and Australian education sector.

What we can do for you

Swanwick Murray Roche have provided education industry legal services to kindergartens, outside school hours care centres, schools, colleges and universities since about 1960. In that time, we have developed our expertise to be a leading provider of education law services in Queensland and Australia.

We can assist and advise on all manner of legal issues faced by educational institutions including (but not limited to):

  • Custody, family law and parent disputes;
  • Excluding disruptive parents and others from school grounds;
  • Staffing & employment issues;
  • Governance, legal structures & constitutions;
  • Enrolment contracts, processes & disputes;
  • Privacy & information sharing, mandatory reporting issues;
  • Educational negligence;
  • Property (acquisitions, disposals, leasing, licensing, easements);
  • Risk management & insurance;
  • Legislation advice;
  • Policy & procedure development work;
  • Provision of counselling services in school;
  • Child protection advice;
  • Complaint investigation & handling work;
  • Service & supply agreement reviews & negotiation assistance;
  • Discrimination issues;
  • Advice and review of decisions regarding student entry, academic failure, academic exclusion, academic misconduct and general misconduct;
  • other matters.
What you can expect from us

When you seek advice from our specialist school lawyers, you can expect:

  • A lawyer who is familiar with the scrutiny placed on schools and educational institutions (and the high standards expected of schools);
  • A lawyer who understands the importance of tact and diplomacy in dealing with often emotional situations involving parents, teachers students;
  • A lawyer who is acquainted with the core values of schools and educational institutions.
How we provide our services across Queensland

We are engaged on an almost daily basis by Queensland educational institutions. Some ways in which we provide our services included:

  • Telephone advices for quick issues or to discuss your approach to issues as they arise in the school;
  • Seminars (telephone, videoconference, in person) on various legal issues relevant to teachers, leadership teams, school boards and so on;
  • Written advices for use in due diligence reviews or dealing with complicated issues.


To talk about your matter – reach out to us via any means to start a conversation. All of our contact information is listed here on our Contact Page.

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